High-quality wallcovering for new build properties

Hospitals, (private) clinics, laboratories, clean rooms, nursing homes and other healthcare environments generally have high demands for their wallcoverings. These include optimum hygiene, cleanability, impact and scratch resistance and durability. The high-quality wallcoverings and wall and corner protections from M-Wall meet these requirements to the maximum, also for new construction projects.

Products developed for high and low care environments

M-Wall wallcoverings and door and corner protections have been developed for high care environments, but are also very suitable for low care environments. With the M-Wall Hygienic, M-Wall Protect and M-Wall Design product ranges, M-Wall offers a suitable solution for every space and every project requirement.

From the OR and clean room to the (hospital) pharmacy, patient room, waiting room or (transport) corridor. The panels of M-Wall can be used as paneling, complete wall, bed back wall, bumper, kick plate, door protection and/or corner protection. Because it is possible to connect several panels integrally, an aesthetic and calm whole is created. The plastic panels have a natural appearance and blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

Custom made solutions

Specific details and special designs are no problem at all. In our workshop in Eindhoven we can thermally form corners and curves, reducing the number of seams in a project to a minimum. This way we ensure that our products always fit the space in which they are placed.

Products for new construction and renovation projects

In addition to new buildĀ  properties, M-Wall’s panels lend themselves perfectly to renovations. Whatever your project, M-Wall has the wall covering solution for you. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

Hygienic wall finishing