Wall protection from M-Wall

Innovative and dynamic. M-Wall wall protection is developed from the customer’s perspective for a high-quality wall finish. This way you can be assured of a space with a lasting, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. Within our range there are several possibilities for the type of wall protection. Below you will find an overview. So you can choose the product line that suits you and your organization.

The actively antibacterial wall protection, with fire class B-s2,d0 and extremely high chemical resistance. Suitable for cleanrooms, laboratories, hospitals and the pharmaceutical sector, among others. See here what antibacterial wall protection can do for you.

Innovative designer wall coverings. The 3D wall panels create a dynamic atmosphere in the room and brings the wall to life. Manufactured from bamboo fiber and 100% ecological. Perfectly applicable in museums, rest homes, the hospitality industry and hospital waiting rooms.

The PET-G wall protection, free of BPA (Bisphenol A) with fire class B-s1,d0. Meets the strict requirements within the HACCP standards and is therefore suitable for application in industrial kitchens, distribution centers and the retail sector, among others. Discover the possibilities of M-Wall Protect.

Innovative and economical. Wall protection composed of a homogeneous PC/ABS blend, chloride- and bromine-free, meets the strict EN 13501 fire class and achieves a B-s1-d0 certificate. Applicable in hospitals, care centers, educational institutions, airports and storage areas, among others.

Custom made wall protection

With M-Wall’s wall protection products, we offer a suitable solution for every space and every project requirement. Our products are widely used in clean rooms, hospitals, educational institutions, airports, restaurants, sports centers, industrial kitchens, distribution centers and much more. Our products are suitable for high care areas, but can also be implemented in low care environments.

M-Wall helps you find suitable solutions

We are happy to advise you on the best solution for your situation! Also specific details and special designs can be custom made in cooperation with the architect and user. For all your questions, please feel free to contact us.