Door protection

M-Wall’s door protection combines aesthetics with functionality and provides sustainable solutions to effectively protect doors in public spaces against wear and tear. These essential protectors contribute to a well-maintained appearance and reduce maintenance costs by extending the lifespan of doors.

Professional door protection by M-Wall

To minimize interior damage in a building, appropriate wall protection and corner protection are often considered, but door protection should certainly not be overlooked. Doors free of damage immediately give a space a neat, safe appearance. M-Wall’s easy-to-maintain door kick plates are the ideal solution for this!

Door protection prevents damage

Doors in public spaces such as hospitals, airports, educational institutions, museums, and sports centers are quickly susceptible to damage. Every minute, visitors or staff pass by with trolleys, stretchers, containers, and other equipment. As a result, doors are quickly subject to scratches, dents, and other damages.

Applying door protection is a smart way to prevent this damage. Door protection shields the door from this daily wear and tear. A damaged door immediately gives your interior a cluttered appearance. With the right door protection from M-Wall, the appearance of your interior remains intact.

Advantages of door protection

With suitable door protection, this is easy to prevent scratches and dents. Another advantage is that the repair and maintenance costs for your doors are kept low. By investing in door protection, you can avoid many of these costs. Moreover, the lifespan of your doors can be significantly extended with the right door protection.

Professional door protection by M-Wall


M-Wall Basic

M-Wall Basic is an innovative and economical wall protection made of a homogeneous PC/ABS blend. The PC/ABS formulation is chloride and bromine-free, meets the stringent EN 13501 fire class, and achieves a B-s1-d0 certificate.

M-Wall Protect - Banner

M-Wall Protect

M-Wall Protect is an innovative, efficient, and cost-saving solution for wall protection. It is the first PET-G wall protection product free from BPA (Bisphenol A), offering high chemical resistance and a natural appearance.


M-Wall Hygienic

M-Wall Hygienic offers homogeneous PVC wall protection, free of plasticizers and emissions. It is not only chemically resistant but also actively antibacterial, preventing the spread of high-risk bacteria such as MRSA, which die within 24 hours.

Beautifully incorporated into the space

Neatly finished appearance

Protects against unexpected damage

Suitable for various types of spaces

Custom door protection

To prevent damage to your door leaves, we recommend using the M-Wall wall protector as a kick plate for doors. The M-Wall Basic, M-Wall Hygienic, and M-Wall Protect can be custom-made to protect any door from scratches and impact damage.

Installation of the kick plates is very easy and can be done by your own maintenance service. If desired, we can also supply our recommended fixing materials.

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