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Professional door protection from M-Wall

To minimize interior damage in a property, appropriate wall protection and corner protection are often considered, but door protection is certainly not to be missed either. Damage-free doors immediately give a room a neat, safe appearance. M-Wall’s easy-to-maintain door impact plates are the ideal solution for this!

Met deurbeschermers voorkomt u beschadigingen

Doors in public areas such as hospitals, airports, educational institutions, museums and sports centers are quickly subject to damage. Every minute a visitor or staff member passes by with trolleys, stretchers, containers and other equipment. As a result, doors are quickly subjected to scratches, bumps and other damage.

A damaged door immediately gives your interior a messy look. This is easy to prevent with appropriate door protection. An additional advantage is that you keep the repair and maintenance costs of your doors low.

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    M-Wall corridor
    M-Wall door protection

    M-Wall Basic

    This innovative and economical door protector is applicable in almost every sector. Composed of a homogeneous PC/ABS blend. The PC/ABS formulation is chloride and bromine free, meets the stringent EN 13501 fire classes and has a B-s1-d0 fire rating.

    M-Wall Hygienic

    Our actively antibacterial door protection is highly suitable for healthcare applications. Due to its fine structure, the sheet is non-shiny, highly scratch resistant and easy to clean.” In addition, M-Wall Hygienic offers high chemical resistance.

    M-Wall Protect

    The PET-G wall protection, free of BPA (Bisphenol A) with fire class B-s1,d0. Meets the strict requirements within the HACCP standards and is therefore suitable for application in industrial kitchens, distribution centers and the retail sector, among others.

    M-Wall Basic
    Swirl 20.003

    M-Wall Basic
    Concrete 20.006

    M-Wall Hygienic Light Pistachio 16.9062

    M-Wall Hygienic
    Grey Cream 16.9002

    M-Wall Protect
    Off-White 18.0110

    M-Wall Protect
    Sparrow 18.0093

    Door protection is suitable for various spaces

    Easy to maintain

    Meets all quality standards

    Protects doors from external damage

    Custom made door protectors

    To prevent damage to your door leaves, we recommend using the M-Wall wall protector as a door kick plate. The M-Wall Basic, M-Wall Hygienic and M-Wall Protect are custom made to protect any door from scratch and impact damage.

    Installation of the door kick plates is very easy and can be done by your own maintenance department. We will supply our recommended fixing materials if required.

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