Wall protection

M-Wall professional wall protection

Damage-free walls give your interior a clean and safe appearance. With professional wall protection, you don’t have to worry about scratches or bumps to your indoor walls! The wall protectors from M-Wall are extremely suitable for application in health care, retail, industry, sports, education and for example the hospitality industry.

Prevent damage with wall protectors

Any building with high levels of movement will benefit from appropriate wall protection. After all, a bump against a wall happens quickly. Think of damage caused by general wear and tear, but also by passing visitors and moving carts or containers.

The right wall protection reduces the risk of damage and minimizes repair and maintenance costs. This way you maintain a neat and safe appearance of your premises for a long time. In addition, wall protection can complement the design of your walls. At W-Mall, you can have specific detailing and special designs designed if desired.

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    Wall protection that fits every room

    Every space has different needs, which calls for customised wall protection. M-Wall’s range consists of various wall protectors, each meeting important hygiene & safety requirements. In this way we offer a suitable solution for every space in various sectors.

    M-Wall Protect

    The M-Wall Protect is the first PET-G wall protection that is free of BPA (Bisphenol A), with high chemical resistance and a natural look. This wall protector has a fire rating of B-s1,d0 and is therefore ideal for public buildings such as airports, educational institutions, sports centers and museums. In addition, the M-Wall Protect complies with the strict HACCP standards, which also makes it suitable for areas in the food industry such as industrial kitchens, distribution centers and the retail sector.

    M-Wall Hygienic

    This actively antibacterial wall protection has a very fine structure and is actively antibacterial. Various risk forming bacteria cannot develop on the surface. The M-Wall Hygienic has a high chemical resistance and is very safe with fire class B-s2,d0. Perfectly applicable in cleanrooms, laboratories, hospitals and the pharmaceutical sector.

    M-Wall Basic

    This innovative and economical wall protection is composed of a homogeneous PC/ABS blend. The PC/ABS formulation is chloride and bromine free, meets the stringent EN 13501 fire classes and has a B-s1-d0 fire rating. The M-Wall Basic is easy to install and therefore a cost-effective solution for premises with an increased risk of damage such as hospitals, care centers, clinics, educational institutions, airports and storage areas.

    M-Wall Design

    Wall panels are not only practical, but also determine the appearance of your premises. With the unique M-Wall Design 3D wall panels, you will create a dynamic atmosphere in the room and bring the wall to life. Made of bamboo fiber and 100% ecological. Thanks to the relief on the front and the hollow back of the panel, it also creates pleasant acoustics in the room. Perfect for museums, rest homes or for example waiting rooms in hospitals.

    M-Wall Protect
    Ochre 18.7752

    M-Wall Protect
    Mineral 18.0428

    M-Wall Hygienic
    Green Gr. 16.7492

    M-Wall Hygienic
    Mink 16.7044

    M-Wall Basic
    Ocean Ave. 20.004

    M-Wall Basic
    Trunk 20.007

    Wall protection for various spaces

    Easy maintenance

    Meets all the requirements!

    Provides a pleasant appearance to the room

    Care and cleaning

    Wall protection from M-Wall is easy to maintain. After all, it is designed to protect walls easily and effectively. Within wall protection, we offer several options, each with its own characteristics designed for the space in which they can be applied.

    For example, M-wall basic is antibacterial, easy to clean, and highly resistant to various chemical solutions and cleaning products. M-wall protect has a very fine surface structure and has a high chemical resistance, so that fats and oils will not affect the wall panels and maintenance is even lower. Depending on your requirements, choose the right wall protection.

    We offer a suitable solution for every space!

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    M-Wall is your partner in custom wall protection!

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