corner protection

Professional corner protection from M-Wall

A space with lasting, beautiful appearance and easy maintenance. By applying professional corner protection you can easily achieve this! Ideal for communal areas in hospitals, offices, stations, hotels and care homes, for example.

With corner protectors you can prevent damage

In rooms where you receive clients, guests or customers there is often a lot of activity. Visitors with wheelchairs, small children running around, containers being moved. In other words, spaces in which people live.

To prevent neatly finished rooms from looking dilapidated again in no time, a corner protector offers the ideal solution. It is an effective and safe way to protect your spaces from what is to come.

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    Corner protection fitting within various spaces

    Our corner guards are an ideal solution for different types of spaces. At M-Wall, we understand all too well that different spaces also have different needs. Thus, we stock a variety of types.

    M-Wall Hygienic

    This active antibacterial corner protection is perfectly applicable in the healthcare sector. With fire class B-s2,d0, this corner protector is very safe. In addition, the M-Wall Hygienic offers a high chemical resistance.

    M-Wall Protect

    The Pet-G corner protector is free of BPAs and has a fire rating of B-s1,d0. The M-Wall Protect meets the strict requirements within the HACCP standards. This makes it ideal for hotel and catering areas, offices, educational institutions and communal areas within the public utility company.

    M-Wall Basic

    Innovative and economical. Wall protection composed of a homogeneous PC/ABS blend, chloride- and bromide-free, meets the strict EN 13501 fire class and achieves a B-s1-d0 certificate. Applicable in hospitals, care centers, educational institutions, airports and storage areas, among others.

    Suitable for different types of spaces

    Neatly finished appearance

    Beautifully incorporated into the space

    Protects against unexpected damage

    Corner protectors as part of the interior

    At M-Wall, we strive to incorporate corner protectors into a space as beautifully as possible. The idea that protection only has a clinical and cold look is a thing of the past. By working with colors and beautiful materials, we make it part of your interior!

    A popular option within various industries are the stainless steel corner protectors. But there are more possibilities! We also apply corner protectors without glue and you can choose to let the corner protectors run over the wall. This way you make it part of the room. This is a nice looking option, but it also has an added value. It offers an ideal solution for rooms that need to be completely cleaned. At M-Wall we make the corners to measure. The sheets are thermally bent and fitted into the space. This means that you always have the option of making the corner protection optically inconspicuous.

    M-Wall Hygienic
    Dark Grey 16.7015

    M-Wall Hygienic
    Black 16.9005

    M-Wall Protect
    Moss 18.2327

    M-Wall Protect
    Sparrow 18.0093

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