M-Wall Basic

M- Wall Basic is an innovative and economical wall protection composed of a homogeneous PC/ABS blend. The PC/ABS formulation is chloride- and bromine-free, meets the stringent EN 13501 fire class and achieves B-s1-d0 certification.</span

About M-Wall Basic

Due to its unique product composition, M-Wall Basic is very impact-resistant despite its thickness of 1.7 mm and protects the wall structure from external damage. The non-glossy, silk matte surface provides a natural appearance. Due to the high density of the PC/ABS blend, the M-Wall Basic is antibacterial, easy to clean and well resistant to various chemical solutions and cleaning products.

The M-Wall Basic is easy to install as wall, corner or door protection. A cost-effective solution for areas with an increased risk of damage in hospitals, care centers, educational institutions, clean rooms, airports, distribution centers and storage areas.

Advantages of M-Wall Basic:

  • Highest fire rating B-s1,d0
  • Homogeneous PC/ABS blend
  • Antibacterial
  • No more annoying scratches and impacts
  • Thermal bending of corners and columns possible
  • Non-glossy due to fine surface structure
  • Easy to clean
  • High chemical resistance
  • Delivery with installation possible
Features Standard Value
Thickness EN 428 1,7 mm
Standard size EN 482 3000×1300 mm
Density EN 1183 1,28 gr/cm3
Fire rating EN 13501-1 B-s1,d0
Tensile strength EN 527-2/50 60 Mpa
Tensile strength pressure ISO 527-2 3100 KJ/m2
Antibacterial ISO 22196 Active Antibacterial
Recyclable 100%

M-Wall Protect

M-Wall Protect is an innovative, efficient and cost-effective wall protection solution. The first PET-G wall protection that is free of BPA (Bisphenol A), with high chemical resistance and a natural appearance.</span

About M-Wall Protect

This wall protection meets the latest European fire classification B-s1,d0 and the strict requirements within the HACCP standards. In this way, the M-Wall Protect helps to promote company hygiene, company safety and food safety. An absolute must in the food industry, among other sectors.

The M-Wall Protect is 100% recyclable and, because of its high fire class, is also suitable for use in evacuation areas in public buildings such as airports, hospitals, educational establishments, museums and hotels. For use in clean rooms and certified areas, various details can be detailed by thermal treatment, creating a contiguous surface.

Advantages of M-Wall Protect

The standard size of a full sheet is 3,000 x 1,500 mm. These dimensions make it possible to install the M-Wall Protect at floor level. Naturally, the wall panels can be made to any required size so that they can also be used as panelling or impact protection.

  • Unique PET-G composition
  • Highest fire classification, B-s1,d0
  • No more annoying scratches and impacts
  • Reduction of maintenance work and costs
  • Thermal bending of corners and columns possible
  • Non-glossy due to fine surface structure
  • Easy to clean
  • High chemical resistance
  • Delivery with installation possible
Features Test method Value
Thickness EN 428 12 mm
Size EN 4821 3000×1250 mm
Density ISO 1183 1,28 gr/cm3
Fire resistance EN 13501-1 B-s1,d0
Tensile strength ISO 527 60 Mpa
Expansion coefficient ISO 11359-2 3100 KJ/m2
FDA 21.CFR.177.1315 Active
Recyclable/td> 100%

M-Wall Hygienic

M-Wall Hygienic is a homogeneous PVC wall finish and wall protection. The PVC is free of plasticizers and emission. In addition to its high chemical resistance, M-Wall Hygienic is actively antibacterial. Various risk-forming bacteria including MRSA, for example, cannot proliferate and die off completely within 24 hours.</span

About M-Wall Hygienic

The M-Wall Hygienic is designed for application in critical areas such as operating rooms and ancillary rooms, laboratories and pharmacies, central sterilization and other classified areas.

Due to its thickness of 2 mm, this wall protection can be applied to various types of substrates without expensive pretreatment on the walls to be coated. After installation, the wall protection provides durable protection against impact and scratch damage. Due to its fine structure, the board is non-shiny, highly scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Active antibacterial

M-Wall Hygienic is actively antibacterial. The very fine structure prevents various risk-forming bacteria from developing on the surface.

The M-Wall Hygienic sheets comply with the Anti Bacterial standard, according to ISO22196. This kills 99.99% of all E-coli and MRSA bacteria within 24 hours. The M-Wall Hygienic wall protection, is easy to clean, has a high chemical resistance and is even resistant to Betadine.

The advantages of M-Wall Hygienic at a glance:

  • Active antibacterial wall finish;
  • No more disturbing scratch and impact damage;
  • Reduction of maintenance work and costs;
  • Thermal bending of corners and columns possible;
  • Thermally welded seams;
  • Non-shiny due to fine surface texture;
  • Easy to clean;
  • High chemical resistance;
  • Delivery with installation possible;
  • Directly available from stock, in 11 colors
Features Standards Value
Dikte EN 428 2 mm
Dimensions EN 482 3000 x 1500 x 2 mm
Chemical resistance EN 423 Excellent
Antistatic properties EN 1815 <2KV
Antibacterial ASTM G21/G22-76 G29-96/JIS-Z2801 Active Antibacterial
Fire classification EN 13501-1 BS 476/7 ASTM E 84 B, s2, do Class 0

M-Wall Design

M-Wall Design is an innovative designer wall covering. The unique wall panels create a dynamic atmosphere in the room and bring the wall to life. Installing the panels cold to each other on the wall creates a contiguous pattern with a unique effect.</span

About M-Wall Design

The design panels are manufactured from bamboo fiber. This ensures that the wall panels are strong, yet lightweight and easy to apply.

The 3D wall panels are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and therefore perfectly match today’s requirements for sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Once the wall has been covered with the M-Wall Design wall panels, they can easily be finished in any color by painting or spraying.


The M-Wall Design panel is embossed on the front and concave on the back, creating a sound absorbing effect. Because of the relief on the front of the panels, the direct sound reflection is broken down and a pleasant reverberation is created in the room.

Advantages of M-Wall Design

  • Sound insulation
  • Meets the highest fire class S1
  • 100% ecological, produced from renewable raw materials
  • Strong, with a high pressure load
  • Various designs
  • Immediate dynamic effect
Features Standard Classification
Flammability EN 13501 B, S1, do
Thickness of material EN 428 1,5 mm
Brix-value 1.2mm 275 g/pcs
Waves 1.3 mm 275 g/pcs
Flux 1.5 mm 550 g/pcs
Sand 1.4 mm 550 g/pcs
Drops 1.3 mm 1200 g/pcs
Wind 1.1 mm 235 g/pcs
Scale 1.2 mm 275 g/pcs
Stone 1.2 mm 550 g/pcs
Dike 1.0 mm 235 g/pcs
Fog 1.2 mm 275 +A1g/pcs