As a specialist, M-Wall creates a unique concept of high-quality wall coverings. Innovative and dynamic, from a customer perspective, products are developed for a high-quality wall finish.

Our wallcoverings and wall and corner protections have been developed for high care, but they are also very suitable for low care environments. In developing our products we have not only focused on product properties, optimal processability and environmental friendliness, but also on the specific (detailing) problems that architects and clients encounter in projects.

With our product series we offer a suitable solution for every space and every project. Our products are widely used in clean rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, airports, hotels and restaurants.

Within our M-Wall product lines you can choose from:


M-Wall Basic is easy to install in any room as corner, wall or door protection. For areas with an increased risk of damage, our basic line is a cost-effective solution. These include areas such as distribution centers, airports, clean rooms, educational institutions, care centers such as nursing homes and storage areas.


M-Wall Protect has a high fire rating that is extremely suitable for use in evacuation areas in public buildings such as educational establishments, hospitals, museums, hotels and airports. In addition, M-Wall Protect is 100% recyclable. If the choice is made to apply wall protection in clean rooms and certified areas, various details can be detailed by thermal treatments. This will create a contiguous surface.


For critical areas such as operating rooms, laboratories and pharmacies, it is important that the space is sterile and hygienic. M-Wall Hygienic is therefore the perfect solution for these and other classified areas.


Unique wall panels that bring the wall to life can be found with M-Wall Design. These wall panels are one of a kind and create a dynamic atmosphere in any room. These innovative designer wall coverings create a unique effect on the wall when installed on the wall.

M-Wall is committed to its customers

M-Wall’s objectives are to provide added value for our customers, to be innovative and leading in our market segment, without hierarchical structure and prejudice, to work with integrity with an enthusiastic team in a learning organization and to contribute to ecological issues.

The customer is the priority at M-Wall and his challenges are our passion.

If you have any questions for or about us, simply contact us via our contact form or call +31 850 188 500, we will be happy to assist you.