Hygienic wall finish from M-Wall

Hygienic walls protect against external influences

Operating rooms, clean rooms and other critical areas in hospitals, laboratories or pharmacies have a lot to endure. They are exposed to aggressive chemicals on a daily basis and regularly incur scratch and impact damage from moving carts, wheelchairs or other traffic. This quickly creates a messy and unsafe impression, which you want to avoid at all times. Hygienic wall finishes help you to furnish these types of spaces, where high hygiene standards apply, as safely as possible and protect them from external influences.

At M-Wall you are at the right place for practical and cost-effective wall finishing that contributes to a hygienic, safe and permanently beautiful environment.

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    Hygienic wall finishing

    Active antibacterial

    M-Wall’s hygienic wall finish is actively antibacterial. This means that 99.99% of all E-coli and MRSA bacteria are killed within 24 hours. This prevents risk-forming bacteria from developing on the surface and prevents spreading. In addition, the hygienic walls have a high chemical resistance and are easy to clean. This way you not only create a safe, but also a neat and secure environment.

    M-Wall Hygienic is suitable for application in operating rooms and ancillary rooms, laboratories and pharmacies, central sterilization and other classified areas. This hygienic wall finish is actively antibacterial, has extremely high chemical resistance and is very safe with fire class B-s2,d0.

    Hygienic wall finish for a variety of spaces

    Active anti-bacterial

    Actief antibacterieel

    Meets all the requirements!

    Custom hygienic wall finishing

    M-Wall’s hygienic walls are available in a variety of colors and we tailor them to fit any specific space.

    They are also easy to use as panelling, impact protection, bed back panels, door panels or even as skirting boards. Hygiene and safety are paramount, but of course the eye wants something too!

    At M-Wall, we make the hygienic walls part of the interior by thermally bending and processing them into a fitting overall design.

    For the design of specific details and special designs, we are happy to think together with you and, if necessary, your architect.

    M-Wall Hygienic
    Off-White 16.9016

    M-Wall Hygienic Light Pistachio 16.9062

    M-Wall Hygienic
    Light Grey 16.7040

    M-Wall Hygienic
    Ocean Blue 16.0651

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