Hygiene and protection solution for the wall

M-Wall does not just want to provide wall coverings, but real solutions. For places where hygiene is top priority, or the wall could use some extra protection. For this purpose, the company supplies different variants of wall coverings, but also corner profiles to finish it all off.

“Many people don’t realize it, but have seen our products on a regular basis anyway,” says Dirk-Jan Verberne of M-Wall. “For example in hospitals, such as the UMC and WKZ in Utrecht.” The company has been specializing in high-quality wallcoverings since 2012. “With our product series we offer a suitable solution for every space and every project question. Our wall coverings and wall and corner protections have been developed for high-care and are therefore widely used in clean rooms, hospitals, nursing and care homes, offices, airports, hotels and restaurants.”

Protection in the theater

However, the company is also found in low-care environments. “Our wall coverings have a protective function for areas where walls have to endure a lot, in schools for example, or corridors of public buildings and theaters, where the risk of damage is high.” For example, M-Wall collaborated on the new Amare theater in The Hague, where, behind the scenes, a lot of equipment will naturally be moved.

Interior designers and architects often come to M-Wall with a challenge, for which the company then looks for a solution. Verberne: “Thinking along is very important to us, because we want to create added value for our customers.” To do this, M-Wall has three different categories of wallcovering, M-Wall Hygienic, M-Wall Protect and M-Wall Basic.

Hygiene and convenience

“M-Wall Hygienic is an active antibacterial wall protection, with fire class B-s2,d0 with extremely high chemical resistance. This makes it the ideal wall covering for use in buildings such as hospitals. The panels have a neutral color palette that fits ideally in these environments.” Verberne explains that images can easily be applied to these. “Without using additional adhesive, we can apply an image that can also be replaced easily and without damage. This is an alternative to expensive photo wallpaper.”

M-Wall Protect is a PET-G wall protection, free of BPAs with fire class B-s1,d0, which meets the strict requirements within HACCP standards. According to Verberne, this product is often chosen by the interior designer or architect and is trendier in terms of color palette. “The wall covering protects the wall and looks good, so the customer can move forward again for ten to twenty years.”

M-Wall Basis is the economic variant of M-Wall. The wall protection is a homogeneous PC/ABS blend, chloride- and bromine-free, meets the strict EN 13501 fire class and, like the Protect variant, achieves a B-s1-d0 certificate. In addition to these three series, M-Wall also supplies corner profiles . “We supply profiles that fold around the corner, as it were, achieving a tighter end result.”

All of the company’s products are kept in stock in Eindhoven, allowing M-Wall to deliver quickly. “The installation is simple, but we can also take care of it. In addition, we especially like to think along with the customer. We are not a wholesaler of boards, but we like to ensure that a project is right in every detail.”

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