A cleanroom that meets all requirements

In classified spaces, high requirements apply with regard to materialization and integral detailing. This applies to various finishing products, the cleanability and safety of the products used. This diversity of classified spaces is increasing more and more. This is why a clean room is no longer mainly used in the pharmaceutical, electroconductive and healthcare sectors, but the requirements in the food industry have also become much more stringent. Many food products and foodstuffs are now produced in “clean room” conditions.

Active antibacterial wall finishes for a clean room

All M-Wall products have been specifically developed for these environments in consultation with users and designers. They meet the various requirements for application in research laboratories and production areas in the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and human and/or veterinary research and/or education buildings.

Our hygienic collection has been specifically developed to pragmatically realize a high-quality ‘flush wall finish’ that meets the most stringent requirements in terms of cleanability and disinfection. This wall finish is installed almost completely seamlessly in existing and or new cleanrooms.

 A suitable wall finish for every situation

All M-Wall products are completely emission-free, free of BPAs and built up in the mass through and through. Because of this high density, the products are optimally cleanable, do not absorb any residues and have a very high chemical resistance. In addition, all M-Wall products are fully recyclable and contribute to the circular objectives.

Through its extensive experience in the cleanroom market, M-Wall has developed various individual modular possibilities. Think of internal and external corners, workstations and other user-specific detailing that can be modulated in M-Wall products.

 Ask your question to the specialists from M-Wall

For individual and competent advice, please contact us. Our specialists are ready to answer your questions. They will be happy to explain everything about the specific application of our wall solutions and to help you with this! We look forward to hearing from you.

Hygienic wall finishing