Innovative wall finishes are more relevant than ever due to coronavirus
Innovative wall finishes are being seen in more and more industries. In addition to high-end care, low-care environments, educational institutions, the hospitality industry and retail are also choosing this special solution more often.

“Because of corona, the interest in hygiene has completely accelerated,” explains Michael Simon, managing director of M-Wall, which develops and installs high-quality wall covering products. With years of experience in healthcare, M-Wall has upgraded several laboratories and other critical departments within the healthcare sector over the past year. According to him, corona makes people increasingly aware of the importance of good hygiene. “We developed this product nine years ago, but it is now more topical than ever. Just look at supermarkets, for example. How many hands open and close the door of a refrigerator within half an hour. And is it continuously cleaned? No. Corona makes people think about that more and more. That’s why the application of our wall covering products is so essential.”


M-Wall offers a suitable solution for every space. Both in operating rooms, clean rooms, sterile warehouses, central sterilization facilities and pharmacies, but also in patient rooms and in nursing homes, the innovative wall coverings have been used successfully for many years. The client determines its own specific details in cooperation with the architect and our many years of experience. Simon: “In classified areas there have been very high demands on our products for many years. Many people now know the benefits of this. Cleaning walls, which has become increasingly important in operating rooms, pharmacies and sterile storage, for example, can be done very simply with water and very few user-specific additives. The use of large quantities of chemical cleaning agents is thereby reduced.

But this ease of maintenance also applies to areas where there are many changes of e.g. patients and in a short period of time a good cleaning is necessary for the safety of patients and staff.

In addition to easy cleaning, the walls are also impact and scratch resistant. Our products are completely emission-free and made of one mass. Moreover, the walls meet the European fire regulations and are equipped with an active and/or antibacterial effect.

Three products

In total, the M-Wall collection consists of three products. The M-Wall Hygienic, M-Wall Protect and M-Wall Basic. In recent years, many hospitals chose these products. “Because of corona, people are increasingly aware of the importance of functional wall finishes and good hygiene. In the years before the crisis, people often talked about the importance of good air treatment, but not enough about cleaning ‘touchable surfaces’. Now this has become a priority again. We are increasingly asked if we have a solution for the hygiene problem. More and more of M-Wall’s customers now understand even better why we developed this product. The awareness of optimum hygiene has increased sharply. Especially in healthcare, but also in education. Another example.

M-Wall’s plastic wall system panels have a natural look and according to Michael Simon there are many design possibilities. “Institutions and organizations can design specific detailing such as monitor niches, integrated corners and otherwise in cooperation with the architect and user. We go to work with that wish. The end result is a complete ‘flush’ system that contributes to a clean and safe working environment for a long time.”