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M-Wall Design is an innovative designer wall covering concept. The unique wall panels create a dynamic atmosphere and give a unique atmosphere to the wall. Each design gives a unique pattern what creates a unique effect and atmosphere.
The designer panels are made of bamboo fiber. The bamboo fibers used are very strong, but not rigid, ensuring that the wall panels are lightweight and easy to install.
Because the M-Wall Designs panels are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, they are with the current requirements placed on the sustainability and environmentally friendliness of the products to be used.
Once the wall has been covered in the M-Wall Design wall panels, they can easily be painted or sprayed any color required.


The front of the M-Wall Design panel has a relief and the back a cavity.
Once installing the panels on the wall it will create a space between the wall panel and the constructive wall and thereby creating a sound-dampening effect. The relief on the front of the panels will interrupt the direct reverberation and will create a pleasant atmosphere and ambience in the area.

The benefits of M-Wall Design:

  • Sound-dampening insulation;
  • Compliant to the highest fire class S1;
  • 100% ecological, produced from sustainable raw materials;
  • Strong, with a high pressure load;
  • Various designs;
  • Easy to install;
  • Delivery out of stock;
  • Immediate and dynamic effect

Areas of application

Public Leisure Care
School Educational institutions Hotels                      Nurses homes
Receptions Restaurants Clinics
Office premises Museums Reception desks
Shops Bars  

It’s easy to request your samples or M-Wall Design’s brochure by using our contact form.