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M-Wall Hygienic is a practical and cost-efficient high-end wall cladding that helps to create a hygienic, safe and attractive environment at all times.

M-Wall Hygienic is an active antibacterial wall finishing and protection made of 2-mm-thick smooth-embossed PVC. Following installation, M-Wall Hygienic provides long-term protection against impact and scratch damage to all your walls. Due to its very fine structure, the panel has a matte finish, is highly scratch-resistant and is very easy to clean. M-Wall Hygienic is specially developed for high care departments such as OT, clean-rooms, instrument preparation, central sterilization, drugs preparation, but as well in patient wards, corridors and storages.   

Actively antibacterial 

Its very fine structure prevents bacteria from growing on the surface.
The M-Wall Hygienic panels satisfy the Anti-Bacterial standard, in accordance with ISO22196, killing 99.99% of all E-coli and MRSA bacteria within 24 hours. The M-Wall Hygienic wall cladding has a very high resistance to a wide range of chemicals and is even resistant to Betadine.  

Thermal welding

The M-Wall Hygienic wall cladding can be thermally welded. In addition to a smooth joint between the M-Wall Hygienic panels, a thermal weld also creates a fully enclosed, flush and hygienic surface.


The standard dimensions of a full panel M-Wall Hygienic are 1500 x 3000 x 2mm. These dimension makes it possible to install the panels at room height. The M-Wall Hygienic can customized in any dimensions which is required, making it easy to use it as paneling or impact protection or cleanroom finishing.

Impact protection

In public buildings and care institutions, internal walls often withstand a lot of user damages in sensible - or high traffic areas.
In high-traffic areas, in particular: trolleys, rollators, wheelchairs and beds being moved along the corridors often cause damages to the walls. These damages destroy the appearance of the walls right away and may give a negative, not clean and maintained first impression.

Therefor M-Wall Hygienic is successfully installed as impact protection, headboards for beds, paneling, and even as plinth finishes.
The M-Wall Hygienic can also be detailed as door or corner protector. 

The benefits of M-Wall Hygienic:

  • Active antibacterial wall cladding;
  • No more problematic damage caused by scratches and impacts;
  • Reduced maintenance work and costs;
  • Thermal bending of high care details, corners, columns and supports;
  • Thermally welded joints;
  • Matte finish thanks to its fine surface embossing;
  • Easy to clean;
  • High level of chemical resistance;
  • Fully recyclable; 
  • Available direct from stock, in 11 different colours.

Areas of application

Public Industry Care
Schools Educational Institutions Clean rooms Hospitals
Airports Distribution centres Clinics
Sports centres Laboratories Nursing homes
Shops Pharmacies          Elderly and care homes                 
Museums Industrial kitchens Sterile rooms
It’s easy to request samples or our M-Wall Hygienic brochure using our contact form.