M-Wall provides solutions for every renovation project

M-Wall products are a proven problem solver in renovation projects where budget, speed, detailing and quality are important considerations. Our wall, corner and door protection offer the space to be renovated complete protection with a clean look. No matter what your renovation project is, with M-Wall’s quality products you will always find one that fits your project.

The solution for your renovation project

When developing our products we not only focused on product properties, optimal workability and environmental friendliness, but also on the specific (detailing) problems that clients in renovation projects need to overcome. With our 2 mm thick panels, we can renovate healthcare spaces completely and in-situ at a high speed, without creating problems with door, floor and ceiling connections.

Our products are a solution for low and high care environments. Our products are widely used in public spaces such as hospitals, clean rooms, offices, airports, restaurants and nursing homes.

The advantages of M-Wall

Because we work very clean, there is no need for filter systems to be closed off, awkward covering processes or revalidation. This allows for significant savings in renovation costs. Our warehouse contains an average of 10,000 to 12,000 m² of standard panels in stock, which means we can always act quickly. We offer the best solution for every space with our high-quality products.

The surfaces are also easy to clean. An important requirement of a high care environment. All M-Wal materials are developed with safety, speed and convenience in mind. The unique composition of our products guarantees safe and fast cleaning of the surface with minimal use of cleaning agents.

M-Wall: the specialist for high-quality wallcoverings

When it comes to high-quality wallcoverings for both low- and high-care environments, M-Wall is the specialist. The unique concepts they create fit perfectly with the customer’s issues. These M-Wall products are created with the customer’s and client’s needs in mind, but they also focus on optimal processability, product properties and environmental friendliness. For every space, M-Wall offers an innovative and dynamic solution.

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