M-Wall Design

M-Wall Design is an innovative designer wall covering. The unique wall panels create a dynamic atmosphere in the room and bring the wall to life. Installing the panels cold to each other on the wall creates a contiguous pattern with a unique effect.</span

About M-Wall Design

The design panels are manufactured from bamboo fiber. This ensures that the wall panels are strong, yet lightweight and easy to apply.

The 3D wall panels are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and therefore perfectly match today’s requirements for sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Once the wall has been covered with the M-Wall Design wall panels, they can easily be finished in any color by painting or spraying.


The M-Wall Design panel is embossed on the front and concave on the back, creating a sound absorbing effect. Because of the relief on the front of the panels, the direct sound reflection is broken down and a pleasant reverberation is created in the room.

Advantages of M-Wall Design

  • Sound insulation
  • Meets the highest fire class S1
  • 100% ecological, produced from renewable raw materials
  • Strong, with a high pressure load
  • Various designs
  • Immediate dynamic effect
FeaturesStandard Classification
FlammabilityEN 13501B, S1, do
Thickness of materialEN 4281,5 mm
Brix-value1.2mm275 g/pcs
Waves1.3 mm275 g/pcs
Flux1.5 mm550 g/pcs
Sand1.4 mm550 g/pcs
Drops1.3 mm1200 g/pcs
Wind1.1 mm235 g/pcs
Scale1.2 mm275 g/pcs
Stone1.2 mm550 g/pcs
Dike1.0 mm235 g/pcs
Fog1.2 mm275 +A1g/pcs