Preventing damage in case of emergency

How to help the patient as adequately as possible? That question is central to the acute clusters at Maastricht UMC+, such as the renovated General Practitioners Post (HAP), Emergency Department (SEH) and Acute Admissions Department (AOA). M-Wall contributes to this with practical solutions. The walls in the acute cluster have a lot to contend with because of the speed with which care providers have to act. Project leader Dirk-Jan Verberne: “That’s why we supplied and installed various types of wall covering in Maastricht: corner protectors, impact protection and wall paneling and room-high wall protection for the trauma rooms. Our M-Wall Hygienic product, which is tailored to this type of clinical environment, was used throughout. Functionality is key here: it prevents damage and is easy to clean. The product has a standard thickness of 2 millimeters and the color was chosen in consultation with the architect.”

M-Wall applied the wall protection itself on the wards. In the trauma rooms, the choice was made – again for functional reasons – to thermally weld the seams between them to create a homogeneous joint. Was there any inconvenience that the wards were in use during the work? “No, we experience that more often,” says Verberne. “We are regularly active in healthcare and have enough knowledge and experience to respond adequately.”

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