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Corner protectors

Both the M-Wall Hygienic panels and the M-Wall Protect panels can be used as corner protectors. The M-Wall corner protectors are especiallytailor-made. All corners can be thermally bent.

Our corner protectors don’t just prevent damage in fragile corners, but they also give a proper impressionandcan beeasy installed and maintainedat all times.
Because the M-Wall corners can betailor-made, it is possible to allow those to be integrated to the overall  wall protection or paneling. As a result, the corner protectors aren’t even visible.


Door protectors

To prevent damage to the doors, we advise using the M-Wall cladding as a door plate. Both the PVC as well as thepolycarbonate panels can be custom-made to protect each door against impact-related damages.The door panels are very easy to install, and this can be done easilyby your own facility oremaintenance service team. If required, we supply you with our recommended fixationmaterials.