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15 november 2017
The initial project with M-Wall Print has now been completed and responses are overwhelming.
If you want to add atmosphere and experience to your wall protection, but also experience the benefits of an estheticwall protection, choose M-Wall Print, a large-format print that offers long-term protection and great esthetics for your walls.
Once installed, the wall claddingprovides long-term protection against impact and scratch damages on all your interior walls and is very easy to clean and maintain. 

The wall cladding program is easy to detail, install and gives the opportunity to create a proper, esthetic and long-lasting good atmosphere. The panel also protect the interior walls, prevents damage from being caused as a result of scratches or impact, reduce maintenance work and costs, and beside all it’s easy to clean and they have a highchemical resistance.

Your patient room, hotel room, showroom or shop, meeting room, or hospital corridor, operating room or any other interior can be given an easy transformation. Due to the constant developments, modern technologies and the high end materials, we are able to offer solutions for your specific requirement a total solution consisting of advice, design, production, assembly and installation through our local partners; everything tailor-made by a complete team of specialists.

Want to know what we can do for you? Our specialists are always looking forward to welcome you! Feel free to contact us without obligation.